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TWS Forums are live!

The TWS Forums are now live and working! There may still yet be more customization features added such as avatar designs and ranks.
The forums are designed in such a way as to handle anything as far as discussions about our in-world location, website, forums and anything else you might want help with or just chat about.

This is a perfect place to leave messages for anyone in our staff in the event they are not online or in SL at the moment so that you can check back for answers at a later time.

Website is now live!

The Website development progress has has been going good, and is now live!
All pages except the privacy and terms of service pages are up and working!
Now that the website is live (with the forums still locked down until some things are completed), it is also being displayed in-world near the landing point in the advertisement booth. This way it can be viewed in-world or in your web browser.

Website Development

Website development progress has been kind of slow, but development has been going good!
Current live pages are main page, originally published 6-20-2020, and now the other pages up are as follows;
About us, Contact us, TWS Rentals, House of Prayer, this news page.
All of the pages are currently developmental until they are completed.
The forums are up as well but that is also being worked on before being opened to the public, so you will see it is temporarily closed until the forums design is completed.

Website Construction

Website Construction

The TWS website development had already been in progress, but now it has gone live with the main page!