Chopper Gausman

Chopper Gausman

Chopper Gausman

Co-Owner, Designer, Security Commander
House of Prayer Shepherd

As co-owner and designer, Chopper helps manage and design the entire land layout.
If you have any questions or need help with this, feel free to contact Chopper at any time! Even though he might be offline, he usually gets any messages sent to him in-world via email as well.

Security Commander
Chopper is the Security Team Commander. He is the overall leader of the team, with DragonMinder being the one to manages the team. All questions about the security team should go to DragonMinder, and then if it is over his head or too much for him, he will message Chopper about the situation or problem. Never underestimate DragonMinder and the security Team, as they are very well versed in their roles as security.

House of Prayer Shepherd
Chopper is the Shepherd in the House of Prayer. He is very well versed in his studies of the Scriptures and loves to share what he has learned, expecially the things that are not commonly known of in the "Christian" world concerning the Scriptures!

As always, if you would rather see all of the studies in text or video, you may go directly to the website at Leading Light District - †ROCK†

TWS Webmaster
Chopper is the Webmaster of this website. Everything you see in the functions, coding, layout and design of this website is done and managed by Chopper. In the event you have any questions, suggestions or otherwise about the website, forums or anything else concerning the website, please contact Chopper in the forums, or in-world!

CG Productions owner & C.E.O.
Chopper is the owner and CEO of CG Productions, both a real life and second life business. Be sure to check out the CG Productions website to find out more!
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