Order Basic Website

Make sure to include the details, such as color schemes for starters, and later after we set up a design you approve then the text and/or pictures for the page or pages. We can help you with this as needed within the approved website layout.

Starting Information

Be prepared with appropriate information concerning what you want for your website such as color schemes, layout, pictures, and so on. You can take a look at our existing website design layouts for examples or any other website layout on the internet and we can make one like it if you want!

Basic Website Order

  • Up to 3 pages
  • Additional pages are $85 each
  • You must provide all images
  • You must provide all comments on the website
  • No eCommerce store
$200.00 USD


Once we have created the website design for you and you have approved all page or pages, we then finalize the entire website design created for you. We can then put the website on our hosting, or give you the entire website design to be placed on a different hosting of your choice. In the event you take the website design to another hosting, you agree we are no longer reasponsible for anything that might go wrong with the website design at that point.

Website Examples

Leading Light District Website
Leading Light District Website

Leading Light District Forums
Leading Light District Forums

Tranquility With Serenity Website
Tranquility With Serenity Website

Four Horsemen of UT Website (no longer active)
Four Horsemen of UT