SL Vehicles

CG Productions

We custom design vehicles mainly as motorcycles, but do occasionally do work for customers who want something other than a motorcycle. All vehicles come with a starting price of $2000L and as long as there are no custom parts that we do not already have in stock that will add to the price then that is all you should expect to pay for the final cost of the vehicle. We use the absolute best vehicle engine scripting in SL that is loaded with features for just about anything you might want your vehicle to do! Because of this, you never have to worry about the vehicle breaking apart when crossing sims.

All vehicles we make come with color change by default to which even allows you to apply your own custom color to that section of the color change options for that vehicle. For land based vehicles, we also include the option of "flight mode" to help you recover from accidentally going off the roads in situations where the roads are ones that go up/down within a sim or parcel to higher and lower levels. Another feature we can add to any vehicles is making them fully functional vcombat vehicles with guns, cannons, rocket launchers and so on. The combat features are only added by request, and cause extra work, and add to the overall price, unless we already have a combat enabled vehicle designed for that specific category.

Disclaimer; We do not make any claim that we make all the parts of the vehicles ourselves, but rather look for full per parts that are pre-made due to our lmited time between various work we do even thought there may be some actual parts we made all ourselves.

In order to do this, we go through a discussion with you for what you have in mind and keep working on the concept until you get what you are happy with.

In the event you would like to see any of our vehicles in-world, please contact Chopper Gausman in-world, our forums, or other methods as provided here on our website.



Motorcycles are the primary vehicle designs we create, and we even have used one motorcycle design that has won awards from BGC when originally created by them and we managed to get that version as full permissions before BGC closed down. This specific model, the "Nemesis" we kept the original design and simply added to it what was not originally in it, with a passenger option, and more! This is the picture you see displayed above. Along with this, we have also created an add-on that is a sleeping bag that when clicked on, it rezzes a closed or open sleeping bag with a campfire and activities that can be used where you are allowed to rez. This sleeping bag add-on is not yet finalized, but once it is, it will be an add-on that can be purchased to be included in the motorcycle build.

Cars, Jeeps, Trucks and SUVs

Urban Assult Jeep

The cars, jeeps, trucks and SUV designs can include any style whether it be a normal, racing, or combat like the combat Jeep that is displayed here, and can include multiple passengers as well.

18 Wheeler Trucks


Our 18 wheeler trucks can come as just the truck or with the trailer included. The truck can be used as stand alonde or with the trailer attatched. In addition to this, the trailer is scripted to open/close and extra features such as a rally trailer, traveling diner, stage for shows and/or concerts or whatever is desired can be added and rezzed by simply using the buttons on the trailer near the actual truck hook up on the passenger side. An additional feature with this is the ability to simply hitch or unhitch the trailer by simply backing up to it and using the connect/disconnect option. The one you see pictured here is our original design for our own store use and display.

Boats, Jet Skis, Other Water Vehicles

Cruise boat

As mentioned with all the other vehicles, anything can be done with the these too, and they are fully functional and react to water appropriately.


Attack Chopper

The aircraft vehicles include helicopters, jets, airplanes and so on. They can fly anywhere they are allowed ot in the land or sim they are used. In the picture shown here is our very own private 7 passenger combat helicopter with simple dual machine guns in the front under the pilot and passenger locations.

Give us a shout and see if we can be of help for you with your vehicle needs! Make sure to include in your contact message the details, such as "vehicle type", along with any other pertinent information related to it.

Contact us for vehicle work!