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We design sims and land parcels as completely fitting to whatever is desired, including trees, rocks, waves and whatever else is desired. Roads and pathways are optional and may cost extra depending on how much work is involved. The full sim designs can include up to three levels that can give the imprssion it is another entire sim on each extra level. The default price for full sim designs start at $20k Lindens and then can increase depending on if you want roads added up to the levls, or add buildings and so on.
In order to do this, we go through a discussion with you for what you have in mind and keep working on the concept until you get what you are happy with.

Full Sim Designs

Homestead Sim 2016.png

In the picture above, this is a complete and full homestead sim design made by us for a couple with a hangout club, wooded play area, a store and private home area included, all within the allocated 5k prims and there was still plenty of allocated prims left to stock every building and more!

Sim Parcel Land Designs

8th parcel beach design

In this picture is an example 8th of a sim parcel beach design, where our store once was years ago, with the store and all the products inside, a events stage area next to that, and then a club building and a hangout mountain with a lighthouse on top of that with living quarters inside. This was done within the allocated prims and still had plenty of prims left over. Parcel design prices are dependant on how big the parcel is and if you want extra levels or not.

Give us a shout and see if we can be of help for you with your building needs! Make sure to include in your contact message the details, such as "building type", along with any other pertinent information related to it.

Contact us for buildings work!