SL Scripting

CG Productions

We do all sorts of scripting for SL people and objects for use in SL. This can be as simple as a teleport or dance HUD to more complex things like making an entire custom designed pose menu system for a business that is branded to that business, and restricts any integration of that with anything else that is not created by that business, to which can help guarantee return customers. If you can imagine it, then there's a chance it can be done.
In order to do this, we go through a discussion with you for what you have in mind and keep working on the concept until you get what you are happy with.

Give us a shout and see if we can be of help for you with your scripting needs! Make sure to include in your contact message the details, such as "scripting", along with any other pertinent information related to it.

Contact us for scripting work!