SL Custom Designs

CG Productions

We custom design just about anything that someone could want for use within SL, and we accept requests for anything someone wants custom designed. Anything is probable but not always possible, but there is always a chance to try and make it happen. All one has to do is explore the possibilities made into actual SL actualities. Some may have spent months just to accomplish one goal or idea, and with thier hard work they have made it happen. This is how we look at any and all requests, as to how long it might take if it is even possible at all. In most cases, we usually accept such a challenge, unless the work involved would end up costing the person more than they think it is worth.

In either case, custom project work by us remains as a private discussion and project with the person requesting the custom work unless they state otherwise. We go over all the details and projected completion time to arrive at an agreement, or we can help refer to someone else if needed.

Give us a shout and see if we can be of help for you with your custom design needs! Make sure to include in your contact message the details, such as "custom design", along with any other pertinent information related to it.

Contact us for custom design work!