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We design both buildings for sale in our store and custom design buildings by request. While there are plenty of building designers in SL, we chose to go ahead and design the various styles listed below for ourselves and by request, and when they are satisfactory to us for our own use or by special request, and the customer does not care if the design we made for them is also sold by us to others, we put those in the store as well. Normally, when we design anything by special request, even for ourselves, we keep those unique so the customer is the only one who has that specific design to make sure they have a design that is unique to them, unless they agree that we can also sell that design in our store. Even then, we may still make slight changes to make sure the custom design requested by the customer is still the only original design style we made for them by request. We also treat all designs as if it were being made for ourselves, so that we never make anything we would not want ourselves, aside from any specific design requests the customer wants that we would not necessarily care to have for ourselves. We do this to make sure whatever we make is made to the best possible standard to the fact if we or someone else wants it, others might too.
In order to do this, we go through a discussion with you for what you have in mind and keep working on the concept until you get what you are happy with.

Examples of what was described above is our designs currently shown in the various types of building categories below. While some parts of the designs may include prefab mesh parts that can be purchased to create parts of buildings because of the simple fact that if it is already available, and fits the criteria of what we intend to do, why waste time making it ourselves and save a little time by getting the already existing part that fits the need to what was intended? The reason for this is due to the heavy workload we can be overloaded with by working on all the categories at once at times. In most cases, we can make just about everything ourselves, but if it saves time, and fits the criteria intended or desired, why not?

In the event you would like to see any of our buildings in-world, please contact Chopper Gausman in-world, our forums, or other methods as provided here on our website.


CGP Home Skybox Deluxe

We try to base our home designs on the simple fact as stated above, in that we make the homes as if we were making it for ourselves so it meets all the standards we would want so we know the customer would want it too, even if it is a custom home request by a customer. The two categories of home designs are for land based homes or skybox homes, each respresenting the needs as intended. The picture of the home you see here is our own private "deluxe" skybox home design in a skybox to be as complete as possible, with three floors and an outside environment. This includes a basement, first floor with living room, dining room, kitchen and den, game room, or office area with the second floor being all bedrooms or whatever may be desired. The outside area includes a working swimming pool, hot tub and patio area with working gates and so on. Outside of the gated area is the ground area in order to rez additional buildings or whatever is desired. This skybox design comes with a rez box so it can easily be raised to the level in the air desired and then rezzed and de-rezzed as needed in order to save on prims if that is needed.

This skybox design is completed, but not yet packaged for delivery in our store, so if you are interested at looking at this one, keep checking our SL marketplace!


Our stores designs are based on the same as mentioned above, to meet the requiremets needed to fulfill the intentions of what is wanted. Again, there are a lot of building designers out there, so we only design buildings based on our own needs or by customer requests, and only then, after completed and permission is granted do we put it up for sale in our store. Currently, the only completed store designs we have are our own, so there are none up for sale as of yet.


CGP MC Compound

Club designs can include dance, hangouts, other types of buildings meant to be used as a club, and even Motorcycle Club buildings. The picture displayed here is an MC Compound resembling similarities to the Sons of Anarchy grounds. This design was originally already available in SL, but a customer wanted this re-designed with better office space with more offices and a few other details. The original was part mesh and part prim. Our final remake of the entire compound included it as 100% mesh, a parking lot, and fence with working gate surrounding the entire compound. Once it was completed, the customer was completely happy with it and agreed we could make it available for sale in our store.

Specialty Buildings

CGP Gas Station

Specialty buildings can be just about anything that does not fit the other categories as listed above. The gas station design you see here was made to be part of a rest area design for a roadway a customer hired us to build, to which they did not know we were making this and they had already filled the rest areas along the roadways with other ideas. This rest area gas station includes a working building with a drinks counter which delivers coffee to anyone who clicks for coffee, opening doors for the food and soda cabinets and a working cash register that open and closes.
This will be packaged for sale in the store very soon!

Give us a shout and see if we can be of help for you with your building needs! Make sure to include in your contact message the details, such as "building type", along with any other pertinent information related to it.

Contact us for buildings work!