About Tranquility With Serenity

Tranquility With Serenity

Tranquility With Serenity

PG Beach environment with mature home rentals and House of Prayer.

The outdoors are a family oriented PG area with no nudity & security protected.
All homes are considered "mature" and private.

We have the House of Prayer available for those who are of faith, and seek more studies of the Word.

Our staff is there to help you!

We have strong security to make sure you are safe in our locations, so don't hesitate to let any of our staff know if you are being harassed or otherwise just need some help.
We don't mind taking out a little time to help you with any questions you may have in-world or on our forums.

  • Jazzy
  • Owner, C.E.O.

In-world location: Tranquility With Serenity
Website discussion: TWS Forums

  • Chopper Gausman
  • Co-Owner, Designer, Security
  • House of Prayer Shepherd
  • FaithJoyParadise
  • General Manager
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  • celticseducer
  • Rentals Manager

Security Team

  • DragonMinder
  • Security Captain
  • MistressDiandra
  • Sergeant
Arky (arky2309)
  • arky (arky2309)
  • Constable
  • secdoctor
  • Constable
  • solvinmystery
  • Constable